coffee couple

The Most Expensive Coffee in the World Is a Big Waste

       “But the mother sets to work to make coffee—hot coffee is good for everything, and under all circumstances.” Skipper Worse by Alexander L. Kielland

National Coffee Day was yesterday. International Coffee Day, however, is tomorrow. What better time for this topic, wouldn’t you say? Read on, java drinkers!

Don’t think coffee is cool beans?

You might want to stick around anyway; this may prove enlightening.

Or a case of TMI.

coffee mill retroThere are those of us incapable of getting by without our daily dose of caffeinated nectar. Iced or hot, creamy latte or boldly black, jolt of flavor or the untarnished taste of the roasted bean—I adore coffee in all its forms.

Each coffee-lover has a favorite way of making that perfect cup. (French press all the way, for me . . . I wouldn’t mind trying that cold brew method, though.)

Call me a coffee snob, but I’ve moved beyond Folgers. When I can, I like going to cozy, local coffee shops and purchasing beans in bulk—left intact, if you please. Under no circumstances will they be hustled into a grinder before I’m ready to brew up a batch.

An assortment of coffee varieties exist. Some can set you back a pretty penny. Ask the people over at the most expensive coffee site. They’re all about kopi luwak.

Did you click on over there?

Your eyes didn’t deceive you.

Kopi luwak is animal dung coffee.

And it sells for a whopping $35 to $100 per cup!

Coffee-obsessed I may be, but there’s no way I’d shell out that much for a single cup. And having to . . . um . . . dig for it doesn’t heighten the appeal.

But something new has been added to the high-end heap: Black Ivory Coffee.

Yup. Elephants slurp up the beans, and brave connoisseurs are rewarded with the end results.

elephant run
“You want me to eat those so you can do WHAT?!”

Back in the day, elephants were prized for their tusks. Now there’s something to collect from these pachyderms that isn’t life-threatening to them—and that enough people care to lap up, apparently. Is this new type of coffee a fad soon to pass? Time will tell.

To my fellow coffee gulpers: would you be willing to try a sip?

To coffee-bashers who stuck around: have I scared you off coffee completely? Bet you didn’t expect anyone to go to such extremes to achieve that perfect cup of joe. Neither did I.

You know what? Maybe I’ll have a cup of tea later . . .

(Smells coffee lingering in mug, smiles, and sighs.)

On second thought, I think I’ll go grind some more beans.

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