Which Brands of Pots and Pans?

               Oh, I’ve been up and down (said he) and round about also . . .
From Sydney to the Skagerack, and Kiel to Callao . . .
With a leaking steam-pipe all the way to Cali-forn-i-o . . .

                                                                                             “With pots and pans and ivory fans and every kind of thing,”–“British Merchant Service” by C. Fox Smith


No, that can’t be right . . .

Let me take another look . . .

Yup. No doubt about it.

Today is Thursday, November 5.

Exactly three weeks until Thanksgiving!

Can you believe it? Has the year gone by in a blur for you, too?

fall schoolNot long ago, September had just rolled around; I was divulging to you my new exercising strategy and a chutney recipe. (UPDATE: Since pulling a hamstring during my HITT experiment, I have instead been incorporating a Pilates routine into my schedule. So far, I’m enjoying it—seems more suited to my ballerina roots.)

Those waists! How could they breathe, let alone dance!
Those waists! How could they breathe, let alone dance!

Also mentioned in that former post was my using sorely outdated exercise equipment.

Which brings me back to Thanksgiving. “How?” you ask.

Because my outdated exercise equipment is nothing compared to my older-than-Methuselah pots and pans.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating a teeny bit. Can you blame me? With Thanksgiving fast approaching, you think more about cooking. And baking. And the unreliableness of older-than-Methuselah pots and pans.

A few gleaming pieces of Le Creuset and All-Clad in my kitchen arsenal sounds lovely. Just not right now. (Did you see those price tags?)

Obviously high-end comes with a high price. And a cheap price usually means you get what you pay for. Yet, a middle ground must exist.

cooking potPlease, help! Do you know of any reasonably priced brands with products that don’t fall apart seconds after being set on the stove? Is expensive truly the only way to go? What do you use in your kitchen that has served you well?

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