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Fudging It: Quick Fudge or Old-Fashioned?

“Shirley was wishing for some of my fudge the other day—the Susan brand, as he called it—and I said ‘The first victory there is to celebrate I shall make you some.’ ” Susan Baker, Rilla of Ingleside, by Lucy Maud Montgomery


I’m debating whether to avoid a debacle.

messy chefYes, you read right. I’m wondering if I should or should not bring about a sweet, gloppy fiasco.

As much as I enjoy making my quick fudge every Christmas season—you know the type: condensed/evaporated milk, marshmallows/marshmallow cream, etc.—I finally picked up the one instrument that was holding me back from a stab at old-fashioned confection creation.

A thermometer.

Technically, I could have done without it.

girl smiling
                         Heh, yeah, I though that was funny.


Now that I have a thermometer in my grasp to make it a little easier, I’m considering giving “real” fudge a go. But it’s so . . . involved and precise.

No one’s complained. My five-minute fudges are always a hit.

So why risk a sticky disaster?

I guess for me. To be able to say I dipped my toe in the water—(or in this case, dipped my wooden spoon into the melted sugar!)

Besides, you never know until you try. Maybe I’ll get the hang of it the first time, and end up with a perfectly creamy batch of homemade, old-fashioned fudge.

So, what have you got to say? Have you ever made traditional fudge? Is it worth the effort? Is the taste infinitely superior?

Or, like me, have you happily been concocting and indulging in nothing but “quick fudge” for years?

Fill me in on all the fudgy details.

                                                                                                                               Before I go, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!Christmas Baby Jesus

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