antique appliances

What Ancient Kitchen Appliances Do You Keep Using?

What happened still has me fuming.

We’ve talked about them before—my ancient pots and pans.

Other essentials in my kitchen aren’t much better.broken blender

A few days ago, I mixed up a smoothie . . . only to have it leak out all over the counter thanks to my rickety, old blender. Oh, the waste of fruit and coconut water!

My food processor isn’t much better. How often I’ve bewailed its ineptitude! (I’m certain I’d do a quicker and finer chop throwing ingredients into a Ziploc bag and pounding away with a rolling pin!)

Yet, those ancient atrocities stick around . . . taking up space . . . taunting me . . . provoking me to grab my face in dismay too many times to count . . . as I wait for the inevitable Vitamix and Cuisinart upgrades to appear.

Hey, it’s bound to happen some day—and what glee it will be to kick the old things to the curb—that irksome blender in particular!

For now, it’s there in the cupboard, the only thing I have to mix up my next smoothie.

If blenders had mouths, I think mine would have a perpetual smirk.



What about you? Do you have any ancient kitchen appliances you’re forced to make do with? A ragged gadget you let stick around when you should be sticking it in the trash? Please, assure me I’m not alone.



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