a pile of fruits and veggies

Green Tahini Coconut Smoothie Bowl

I don’t mean to brag or anything, but this is one of the best recipes I’ve ever created.

And that’s no joke.

While many are using this first day of April as an opportunity for pranks and joshing around, I’m busy analyzing the components of a smoothie bowl as my mind wanders and my pulse throbs with the joy of what April 1st means to me:

Spring! vintage lady and spring blossoms

Yes, it’s officially been spring for almost two weeks, but say “April” . . . go ahead, say it out loud.

Now say, “March.”

Did you notice the difference? “April” has a more “spring-y” ring to it, doesn’t it?

Spring brings Easter (by the way, I hope you had a wonderful holiday). If you thought Thanksgiving and Christmas in my household bustled with preparations and feasting, Easter is no exception—doubly so this year.

Talk about chaos! Our handheld mixer went kaput. And would you believe our oven conked out? And our new one wasn’t able to get delivered until Good Friday? On top of that, our fridge started acting wonky! (Why do these kitchen inconveniences always seem to happen to my family around the holidays?) Jesus Easter Cross

Thankfully, everything turned out all right. Our Easter menu was carried out, and I indulged.

A lot.

Though I enjoyed the splurge of rich food and sweet treats, on Monday, I was ready to rebalance my body with refreshing, wholesome, cleansing meals.

Enter my new favorite way to get in my fruits and veggies.

Smoothie bowls.

vegetables in glassGulping a smoothie with a spoon means no making myself red in the face as I strain to slurp up chunks through a straw thanks to my monstrosity of a blender. Another reason to love them? Their thicker texture is perfect for piling on a load of toppings.

Okay, let’s move on to how the idea for this smoothie bowl came about.

One word: tahini.

This was me after tasting said tahini: happy jumping person

Please, excuse me while I gush over my newest foodie addiction. (You may skip the next few sentences—I’ll take no offense.)


Oh, tahini, I am beyond ecstatic to have become acquainted with you in this new year of new culinary experiences. Words cannot describe the magic you performed on my taste buds; your unique flavor fills me with awe and delight. You may proudly join peanut butter, Greek yogurt, chocolate, and coffee in my “can’t imagine life without you” category.


End gushing.

Back to the smoothie bowl.

With healthy meals on the agenda, frozen spinach on hand, coconut water in the fridge, and tahini on the brain, I combined a little of this and that to create a hearty smoothie bowl that I heartily recommend. Mix it up yourself, and let me know what you think.


Green Tahini Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Recipe by C. Marie

I confess to loud, unladylike sounds of spoon scraping against bowl in my effort to inhale every last bit of grin-inducing green.

Don’t “tsk, tsk” me! One spoonful of this smoothie bowl bliss, and I bet you’ll be the noisy eater, too. So you might want to make sure no one’s around.

You’ve been warned.


What I gathered together:

1 cup frozen spinach, (I defrosted mine a little out of fear of another blender mishap–feel free to throw in a couple handfuls of fresh, if you prefer; I usually have bags of frozen spinach around, and they work great for smoothies)

1 medium carrot (I grated mine for the same reason I didn’t use rock-hard spinach)

½ tablespoon fresh ginger, grated (I’m sure a few pinches of ground ginger will do in a pinch . . . get it . . . um, yeah, let’s pretend you’re laughing)

¼ of an orange, peeled, and diced

coconut½ cup coconut water

½ teaspoon cinnamon

¼ teaspoon curry powder

a few dashes of nutmeg

dash of cayenne (could skip if you don’t like the heat)

a drizzling of honey (you might need more than I did)

as much ice as you want or need (my semi-frozen spinach was my ice replacement)

½ tablespoon tahini, for swirling once the smoothie is in your bowl



Whatever you’re in the mood for—but here are some ideas:


Slices of chopped apple (what I did)

Toasted coconut (also what I did)

Yogurt and granola (you guessed it: more choices of mine)


Other good topping ideas

Diced pineapple


Orange slices

Toasted sesame seeds


How I threw it together:

Dump ingredients—sans tahini and toppings—in a blender, and whirr until everything’s incorporated, resulting in a rich, thick goop of green. (Doesn’t sound appealing, I know, but it was the only way I could think of to describe it!)

Pour into a bowl. Drizzle with ½ tablespoon of tahini, swirling it around for a marble effect. Grace with toppings of your choice. Grab your spoon, and let your tongue dance for joy!


The sweetness, the spicy hint, the tahini-ness—plus those toppings—formed a flawless orchestration in my mouth that demanded an encore.


I think I’ll go conduct another smoothie bowl symphony.


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