What This Blog Boils down To

Come here for recipes like apple and walnut salad? Classic marinara sauce? Old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies?

Expecting snazzy photos showcasing a finished dish tailored to servings of four or more? Then . . .

I’m sorry, but you’d better click that little “BACK” button.

If, however, you crave dumping together ingredients to create a dish unconventional but delicious . . . wake up, undaunted by having no eggs or any type of flour whatsoever for that scrumptious pancake you will have for breakfast . . . feel like making a meal for you alone . . .

And are okay with missing out on inept attempts with a camera . . . then . . .

Hello, kindred spirit! My name is Christina. Welcome to the blog I’m cooking up.

As part of a big family—the oldest of seven—I’m used to others not being as eager as I am to give their taste buds a jolt. And, let’s face it, when a recipe is a massive failure, nothing is more irksome than wasting a ton of ingredients.

What did I decide to do? Adapt and downsize recipes to a single serving.

Fruitless Google searches led to my improvising more and more with incompatible components: A splash of this. A dash of that. Topped off with a whole lot of bravery.

Please, browse around. Make yourself comfortable. Think of this place as much more than a compendium of recipes: I’ll be taking you into my kitchen confidence, so get ready for grumbles and rejoicings on various food-related subjects.

Feel free to throw your two cents into the mix. You never know what will be on my mind . . . or what concoction I’ll want to whip up next. (And most of the time, neither do I!)

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