granola bar

No-Bake Miso Peanut Butter Granola Bars with Miso Honey Glaze

Get ready for granola bars with a dose of umami.

Umami. Umami! That’s a fun word to say (and spell). Thanks to my venture into the world of miso paste the other day, I got a very intense hit of umami.

Have you tried miso paste? The darker the color, the bolder the taste. So what did I do my first time dabbling in the world of miso?Read More »

chocolate and rosemary

Chocolate-Rosemary Savory Granola

bagelsMy love of granola—the personification of crunch perfection floating in a pool of almond milk, cupped in my hand and snacked on after a long, exhilarating walk, swirled in a plop of Greek yogurt, or studded atop my peanut butter-smeared wholegrain bagel is . . . hmm . . . let me see . . . Read More »