fruit salad bowl

Cauliflower Fruit Salad with Banana-Peach Balsamic Dressing

I’ve come to the conclusion that my kitchen appliances don’t like me.

At all.

In my green smoothie bowl post, I mentioned the wonky fridge. But there’s only so much wonky-ness you can take. One minute, stuff in the freezer is rock-hard and yogurt in the fridge is icy; the next minute we’re dumping out rotten, chunky milk and soupy ice cream.

Enough was enough. So we got a replacement, and all is well.

Sadly, though, the damage was already done. The super ripe bananas and peaches I had frozen—having undergone cycles of freezing and defrosting—were basically a mushy, unrecognizable mess, good for one thing . . .Read More »